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Ventura has an Aging Infrastructure

Jim's Mission


Solutions For Homelessness

I am committed to finding practical solutions for HOMELESSNESS


Strong Local Economy



Services and Infrastructure

Enhancing essential PUBLIC SAFETY, and addressing our AGING INFRASTRUCTURE (improving our streets, sidewalks, parks and beaches)


Homelessness is a major problem that continues to grow! It effects our entire community (businesses, parks, beaches and neighborhoods). Jim’s decade of successful experience will help in solving this issue –

Jim Duran can help!

Why should you vote Jim Duran for Ventura City Council District 6?

Jim has spent the past two decades bringing community members, agencies, and businesses together to find effective solutions to help Ventura residents. He understands the connection between city planning, infrastructure, the local economy, and the concerns and values of Ventura City residents.

Longtime Ventura Resident

Jim has been an active member of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce (on the Board of Directors for 9 years and Chairman for 1 year).

Reduced Homelessness

Jim has reduced homelessness; including helping over 400 families and individuals move into permanent housing and become self-sufficient.

Committed to Public Safety

Jim is a longtime supporter of police and fire. He was the Co-Chair of the committee for Measure O and worked diligently to get it passed.

Proven Experience

His proven experience as a business owner, pastor, and community leader provides him with unique skills and insights to address issues and implement solutions needed to improve the quality of life for all in Ventura.


Lifelong Ventura Resident!

About Jim Duran

As a lifelong resident of Ventura, Jim is passionate about seeing our community thrive. His focus will be solutions for homelessness and his 10+ years in this field give him real work background in helping this population. Jim will also support a strong local economy, enhancing core services, and addressing our aging infrastructure. As a past Chairman of the Board for the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, Jim plans on making Ventura attractive to companies that can pay livable incomes so our next generation can continue living in our incredible community. He will work hard at eliminating barriers that keep us from thriving and prospering.

Dedicated to Ventura County

In 2014, The Ventura Family YMCA presented Jim The Golden Triangle Award, one of its most prestigious honors. In 2010, The California Assisted Living Association selected Jim as Executive Director of the Year. He was honored with the 2010 Hometown Hero award for the city of Ventura, and in 2009, Jim was selected as Ventura’s Citizen of the Year by the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. Jim was honored in 2020 with the first ever Legacy Award, awarded to those citizens who go above and beyond to make a difference in Ventura.

Your Support is Powerful

Over the past decade, Jim has worked in successful collaboration with organizations to decrease our homeless population.

"I see an opportunity to make some very positive changes in our city and I would greatly appreciate your support."

Elect Jim Duran, Ventura City Council District 6


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"I have known Jim now for over 10 years and there is nothing I have not seen him do for our community. His passion for helping others is overflowing and inspires all of us to do more. Jim understands and knows the challenges and issues our community faces every day whether it be homelessness or shelter or feeding others and most importantly just someone to talk to you who truly gets it. Jim would be a valuable asset to our City and most of all to the people."


President of the Board - City Center Transitional Living

"Perhaps only a few people have a greater love and commitment to the citizens of Ventura than Jim. He has a heart as big as the sky and will always be committed to the betterment of our city. He is a man who has been involved in a leadership capacity in so many organizations throughout his tenure in town. He is very prepared to become one of our next council members and has my full support."


Former Ventura Unified School District Board Member

"I have known Jim for 20 years and his care, compassion, and concern has been for helping people has been his constant plea. I remember walking with Jim years ago and his attention was drawn to a man who lives on the streets. Jim sat down next to this man and simply talked with respect and honor. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Jim is a high-caliber leader who doesn't just talk about issues - HE DEALS WITH THEM. I would love to see Jim's passion for people, experience with practical problems, and integrity for governing with any city involvement. "


Executive Director, Pacific Camps and Family Resources

"Jim has a heart for serving this community. His commitment has been shown through years of work to address important issues our community faces and to help FIX problems. His work is grounded in love for others and that is something we can all respect. I am grateful that he would take on this new service and I hope he wins."


Ventura Unified School District, President

"I can tell you that Jim Duran is 100% genuine. He is a great leader. He is capable of not just doing one project, but I've seen this man spin more plates and handle more projects and do them well than anybody else I've ever met in the business world. He has that gifted ability to get people to come together and get them to come to the table and work together."

Homeless Organization Director & Pastor

"Jim Duran has never met a stranger. His love for people and Ventura is second to none. There is a bold humility he exudes that is essential for the future of Ventura. He has the support of my family!"


Former Mayor of Santa Paula

"Jim is a proven leader and problem solver. His experience in business and management makes him an ideal candidate to serve on the Ventura City Council."


Former Ventura Mayor and Retired Police Chief

"Jim is a man who "walks the talk" and puts his passion into action. He truly goes the extra mile to help others receive every chance possible to better themselves and succeed in life. He cares about our city and all who reside here. Having served alongside him for many years as a volunteer, I can attest to his exceptional leadership qualities and work ethic. His commitment and involvement in our community are beyond measure. Jim will be an exceptional asset to our city council."


Vice President, The City Center Transitional Living

"I hereby fully endorse Jim Duran for City Council.
Jim has been a stellar member of the community for years. He has demonstrated his love for the community through his many projects helping less fortunate individuals. He is to be commended for his commitment of time and resources to improve the Ventura community as a whole."


Ventura Unified School District Board Member

"I have known Jim for many years. He is an exceptional family man and has attained Godly wisdom. He tackles difficult issues with a relaxed, Joyful attitude, and is excellent at developing action plans that work. People and their needs are first with him. He heads his family very well and lives his life transparently. I learned to respect his talents, leadership, and generosity. I would go so far as to say Jim would be good at anything he sets out to do! "


Oil Industry, Retired

"I’m honored to endorse Jim Duran for City Council. He is very knowledgeable about the City of Ventura. He is well-balanced, fair, and equitable to deal with issues, problems, and conflicts. He also has a healthy vision for our city and the ability to work exceptionally well with all people."


Ventura Business Owner

"Jim is dedicated to the highest risk population in our community. He has a huge heart and compassion."


Ventura Business Owner

"I admire Jim's commitment to integrity. I've been able to witness not only the beautiful transformation he offers to the community through his work but the transformation he offers his community through his vulnerable transparency as a leader. He's never scared to share the hard truth and face down uncomfortable obstacles."


Director, Writer, Producer

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